There are multiple ways to contribute to the Givins Beverly Castle Restoration Campaign. We accept donations online by credit card or by check made out to the Castle Restoration Fund and mailed or delivered to 10244 South Longwood Drive, Chicago, IL 60643.

Donate Online with Paypal or credit card here:

For instructions on the transfer of assets or to offer inkind gifts, please contact

Please Note: Even though some web browsers have warnings that the site is "Not Secure". The donation payment page is Paypal and is secure. When you donate you will see the padlock symbol in the address bar for PayPal that indicates the payment site is secure.  

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Tour group
Women of the Castle

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Women in Restoration Engineering

9 thoughts on “Donate”

  1. I got married there in 1981. The marriage lasted just 3 years, but I sure hope the castle lasts for another 100 more! Donation on its way.

  2. I can’t imagine Beverly without the Castle. I’m happy to donate to keep this icon healthy for the community!

  3. We have lived in Beverly for over 40 years and have always loved to see and ride by the Castle. It adds to the beautiful architecture in the Beverly neighborhood. We will donate!

  4. Congratulations to the Castle for being named one of the Top Ten sites to visit as part of the 2019 Open House Chicago, sponsored by the Chicago Architectural Center. Almost 3,000 people visited the Castle during Open House Chicago 2018. I’ll join them this year on Saturday, October 19 or Sunday, October 20.

  5. We donated last year and it’s time to give again! We can’t imagine Beverly without this wonderful landmark.

  6. I’m donating a second time in hopes that after the necessary repairs, there can be improvements for accessibility and beautification, so it will be an even greater resource for the community!

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