The $10,000 Challenge Grant opportunity has been extended through March 1

Your new gift counts double for the Givins Beverly Castle Restoration Campaign!
Thanks to generous donors, Jan and Tom Hardy, every donation that we receive between now and March 1 will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to the $10,000 amount of the Challenge Fund.

The Restoration Campaign is within striking distance of the $1,000,000 goal that will allow us to embark on the restoration work in the spring of 2020. Please participate in this opportunity to double the value of new gifts through an initial gift, or add to previous support with a new cash contribution by March 1. You can give online, by check or electronically, and please indicate if you'd like to make your gift in honor of someone this holiday season!

Thank you, thank you for your support!

Chicago’s only Castle

No depiction of the Beverly-Morgan Park neighborhood is complete without the iconic turrets of the Givins Beverly Castle located at 10244 South Longwood Drive in Chicago.

The Castle was a favorite subject of the late noted artist, Jack Simmerling, and is also the subject of the excellent 2017 book, Chicago's Only Castle, by Errol Magidson.

The Current Need

Time and 130 icy, windy Chicago winters have taken a toll on the 1886 limestone structure. The turrets have begun to decompose.

Temporary stabilization was completed in 2018, and the cost to complete the necessary restorations will approach $1,000,000.

With the endorsement of the Beverly Area Planning Association (BAPA), the Ridge Historical Society, the 19th Ward Alderman, Matt O'Shea, and historic preservation advocates across the city, we launched a capital campaign with an initial goal of $800,000. A successful grant proposal to Landmarks Illinois in 2019 is testimony to the importance of this historic preservation campaign, as is the selection of the Givins Beverly Castle for a Rebuild Illinois state capital project grant and the preliminary award of an Citywide Adopt-A-Landmark Fund grant.

Your Role

The restoration campaign will require extraordinary generosity from many members of the local community and those across Greater Chicago who value  historic preservation.

Members of Beverly Unitarian Church, the "Castle Keepers" since 1942, have pledged more than $400,000 toward the  restoration campaign goal. We are now seeking matching gifts from the larger Chicago community.

Please support the campaign to preserve and restore Chicago's Only Castle.


We are dreaming of a future that honors the past, with hopes that the Castle will continue as a strong, beautiful and resilient symbol of the Chicago community.