In the 20th and 21st centuries, the Castle has earned iconic status as a community gathering place for diverse groups, a wedding setting for countless couples, the venue for community forums and concert series, home of the Beverly Castle Academy, a preschool that has served several thousand children since the 1960's, the site of many hazardous waste and electronics collections, and a unique visual icon used widely by businesses and organizations throughout the Beverly-Morgan Park community.

The restoration campaign goal requires extraordinary generosity from many individuals who know and love the Castle as well as other individuals and organizations across Greater Chicago who value and support historic preservation.

For over three quarters of a century, the congregants of Beverly Unitarian Church have maintained this 1886 property through annual pledges, exceptional philanthropic giving during internal restoration campaigns in the 1980's and the 1990's and with many volunteer hours of sweat equity.

These same "Castle Keepers" have pledged more than $400,000 to this campaign. Our Pathway to raising raising more than $1,000,000  envisions a number of major gifts as well as many smaller donations. To date, donations from individuals have ranged from $10 to $100,000. All donations will benefit the Castle Restoration directly. The first phase, already begun in June 2020 will ensure safety. Accessibility enhancements including an elevator will follow as revenues including receipt of the ReBuild Illinois grant allow.

Our Pathway to >$1,000,000

Gift Level Need Providing Pledged to Date* Providing
Cornerstone    >$100,000    3    $300,000    2   $  240,000*
Leadership    >$  50,000    4    $200,000    3   $   185,000
Major    >$  25,000    5    $125,000    2   $     60,000
   >$  15,000    5    $  75,000    2   $     35,000
   >$  10,000    7    $  70,000    8   $     94,000
Contributors Below  $10,000 MANY    $  80,000 174   $    195,000
TOTAL: $1,000,000     $   809,000

*Pledges and gifts as of 7/30/2020 do not include $300,000 from the Rebuild Illinois capital grant program since it is impossible to know when those grants will be disbursed.

To learn more about the Castle Restoration project, to schedule a tour or to order a copy of Chicago's Only Castle please send an email to A member of the Task Force will contact you promptly.

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